Winter Couple Session

March has rolled around and I don’t think I’m alone when I say I’m pretty done with snow that just keeps coming back. Bring on the sunshine and weather that doesn’t require a minimum of 4 layers, please!

That being said, there are parts of winter that I can definitely handle. As much as snow is cold and wet and uncomfortable, I definitely can’t fault its looks. I love the way it piles up on tree branches and on the select sunny days, it glitters in the sun like fields of diamonds.

The session with this couple and their handsome dog was on one of those days that makes it hard to hate the snow, and to be honest the way they look at each other makes it hard for any setting to seem anything but perfect. We wandered around in their favourite places to walk, stopping at the top of a hill, below a gorgeous snowy canopy, and next to a group of snow-kissed pines. Henry the golden retriever raced and rolled through the familiar trees, to him this was just a regular walk with an extra person tagging along. 

As a photographer I often worry about all sorts of things that go into a good photo shoot – lighting, weather, composition, wardrobe, location. But at the end of the day, photos are about getting as close to capturing as many emotions within a split second as you can, and for that you only need two people and the mountain of love they have for each other.

~ Katey
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