Difficulties Starting a Business

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      Starting a business is tough, and anyone who has done so can attest to that. There are heaps and heaps of doubt, fear, and confusion. Here I’m going to write a little about the difficulties of starting a business from our experience, but ultimately why it’s worth it and what keeps us going.

      The uncertainty that your business model will work is scary and will continue to haunt you at the beginning, but for Katey and myself we have to believe that our combined 3+ years of experience and knowledge in the field will get us to where we want to be. The partnership helps immensely, without that other person to keep you accountable while also being supportive of your end goals, it would be easy to become lazy or stop believing in yourself. That is why you need someone else to believe in you, and why they need you to believe in them.

      To make matters worse, your personal doubt will likely echoed by anyone who doesn’t believe in you or your business, or more specifically, thinks you should be committing to a more stable job instead of going your own way. I feel that is the worst because it often comes from a genuine kind place of concern, but makes you feel much more terrible than you already do. As if anyone serious about starting a business needs to feel more unsure of what they’re doing.

      Starting any business will always involve some sort of risk, most often large financial risk, and that leads to a lot of fear. This fear can make you back out, be hesitant to growth, and make it harder to persevere. That fear is a good response, and definitely helps keep your expenses realistic, but it can also be limiting. In our experience it’s always a balance of needs versus wants which evolves over time. At the beginning our needs seemed clear, but now some of our wants are becoming needs if we want to expand our quality and type of products.

      I never pictured myself as becoming a business owner, and I don’t see myself as a photographer either. Not that either are labels I disagree with, because I am definitely, professionally both. Instead, I simply just see myself doing the work I’m doing, and I believe and trust that the end results will pay off, while I get to do work that I care about and know that I am good at.

      You have to be your own pillar of self confidence to lean on, look at the facts that you know about your abilities and your field/market, and if you and your business model are smart, adaptive, consistent, and patient, I believe that anyone’s business can take off. That is what makes the stress and uncertainty worth it.

Thanks for reading,

Winter Couple Session

March has rolled around and I don’t think I’m alone when I say I’m pretty done with snow that just keeps coming back. Bring on the sunshine and weather that doesn’t require a minimum of 4 layers, please!

That being said, there are parts of winter that I can definitely handle. As much as snow is cold and wet and uncomfortable, I definitely can’t fault its looks. I love the way it piles up on tree branches and on the select sunny days, it glitters in the sun like fields of diamonds.

The session with this couple and their handsome dog was on one of those days that makes it hard to hate the snow, and to be honest the way they look at each other makes it hard for any setting to seem anything but perfect. We wandered around in their favourite places to walk, stopping at the top of a hill, below a gorgeous snowy canopy, and next to a group of snow-kissed pines. Henry the golden retriever raced and rolled through the familiar trees, to him this was just a regular walk with an extra person tagging along. 

As a photographer I often worry about all sorts of things that go into a good photo shoot – lighting, weather, composition, wardrobe, location. But at the end of the day, photos are about getting as close to capturing as many emotions within a split second as you can, and for that you only need two people and the mountain of love they have for each other.

~ Katey
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