Choosing a Name for your Company

We have always loved Peterborough, both myself and my business partner have spent most of our lives here and have grown up here. While many of our friends have moved away from Peterborough, both Katey and myself made the decision a long time ago to stay here and thrive, to prosper in the city and surrounding area that we both hold so dear.

When we were trying to come up with a name for our company, we really wanted something that said “Peterborough” while also maintaining a name that sounded more universal, that is, not specific to just the city of Peterborough. We wanted this duality in the meaning behind our name because we offer client photography, something very local and close to us, while also shooting stock photography, a worldwide market, and our company has seen that already by having sales across the globe.

We also wanted something that sounded unique, that was not specifically “Peterborough Client and Stock Photography”, but when people heard it, it was kind of obvious the type of style our company was going for.

It is difficult to choose a name for your company, it’s one of the first things you do, but is likely to be permanent for the entire duration for your business. In a way, that is very odd, because it is hard to say what name might be the best suited to your business before you even start it.

We had a few brainstorming sessions, and came up with a few possibilities. We tried to come up with something that included little lake, the clocktower, the lift locks, etc… but nothing really stuck. We had a few other ideas that sounded okay but after a few days we stopped liking. Eventually, we came up with Little City Lifestyle Photography, almost an oxymoron, a cute but descriptive name that said everything we wanted to say.

Thanks for reading,

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